Are streaming sites illegal? How much many hey make?

Movies are all time favorite entertainment option for everyone and when it comes to free stuff some people can do anything. Online streaming sites are such a great exmple of this.

People love watching movies on Netflix but the only disadvantage is it's costly and paid. Herethe option arrise for free online streaming sites like Couchtuner, Solarmovies, Movies4k, and 123Movies etc. For movies, (or films, for you ever-stressing film majors out there) it’s streaming sites that make saving your money possible.

Somtimes you might be thinking that is all the online live streaming sites are legal? and How they Make money? What if I want to make one sites like it? All the answer of your questions will be here in this article.

Are streamnig sites illegal?

If you are thinking that Streaming sites are illegal then you are wrong. It's a legitimate business. Here are some points which can justify my statement:

So, let’s break down how these streaming websites actually work:

  • The first thing to know is that the streaming sites attempt to avoid legal trouble by never hosting their own content.
  • Websites such as Solarmovie and Couchtuner act as a search engine for links to streamed content. This content is usually embedded from a secondary website.
  • When you push the play button on the website, that website requests the file from the second website.
  • The video content actually exists on that second website, hosted on a Server, that you never see.
  • The server then streams the file back to your computer, bypassing the first website.
  • The appropriate software decodes and plays the video on your computer.

Now the question is how all the streaming sites make money?

The revenue model of all the online movie/video streaming sites are simple. They made money by Ad revenue.

Have you ever noticed when you click on any space in the sites and a new pop up will open or while playing any movie you can see any ads in between the movie. When user click on the ads the owner of the sites get money. Now how much money is depends on the different factors like Traffic, CTR, Audience geographic and Ad network whether it's POP ad network or Adsense and

So I guess now you understand that How online streaming sites work and how they make money.

Source of Info - Zippia and TechCortex